Rotary Louvre Dryer or Dryer-Cooler

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Sugarequip has been licensed to manufacture JND Technologies Dryer/Coolers for over 50 years, with JND having over 100 years’ experience in thermal technology. Using this technology every installation is individually engineered for reliable 24-hour operation. Our scope of design and supply ranges from the wet sugar inlet surge hopper and feed screw, to the discharge hood sugar and lump discharge flanges. This includes complete cold air, hot air and exhaust/scrubbing systems.

The Rotary Louvre Dryer or Dryer Cooler – a mechanically assisted, semi-fluidised bed system, combines high heat transfer with a gentle drying or cooling action. Using cold air in one section allows drying and cooling to be carried out in the same unit, saving cost and space. Energy efficiency is one of the notable advantages of the Rotary Louvre Dryer achieved by close control over temperatures along the length of the dryer and product residence time. Low air velocities ensure that product carry over or dust is kept to a minimum.