Filter Press

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Filter Presses are a standard filtering equipment for processing liquid muds coming from the sulphited or carbonated Syrup Auto Filters. Sugarequip offers a variety of chamber configurations to suit any filtration characteristics (e.g. membrane plates, centre feed recess chambers; internal and external porting plate and frame chambers, with open or closed deliveries). Filtering areas of up to 300m2 per unit are possible. The units can be designed for, manual, semi or fully automatic operation.
Filtration is achieved by pumping the slurry at high pressure into the chamber plates, where the solids will be trapped by the filter cloths and the clear liquor will flow through the ports provided in each plate compartment. The filtration will continue until the chambers are filled with mud and/or due to high pressure build up in the Filter. To empty the muds, the feed pump is stopped, hydraulic ram is slackened, the plates are shifted to remove the cakes from the pockets and the Filter Bags removed and washed. Once the cleaning operation has been completed, the Filter is reassembled, and the cycle repeated.
The Filter press can also be used on clarifier mud in a fully automatic batch configuration using membrane plates. the benefits include achieving much higher solids content in the cake, reducing cake transport volumes, reduced sucrose loses, and reduced use of wash water.