Dryer or Dryer-Cooler – Other Materials


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Sugarequip has been licensed to manufacture JND Technologies Dryer/Coolers for over 50 years, with JND having over 100 years’ experience in thermal technology. Using this technology every installation is individually engineered for reliable 24-hour operation. Our scope of design and supply ranges from the wet sugar inlet surge hopper and feed screw, to the discharge hood sugar and lump discharge flanges. This includes complete cold air, hot air and exhaust/scrubbing systems.

Other than sugar, Sugarequip can manufacture JND Technologies Dryer/Coolers suitable for use on wide range of particle sizes and moisture contents for a variety of products such as minerals, metal ores, fertilisers, bulk foodstuffs etc. combining a high degree of flexibility with robust design and reliability. Drying air, heated to temperatures from 80ºC to 1000ºC, flows through the dryer either co-current or counter current depending on the product to be dried. The hot drying air can be generated by gas, oil or steam. Dry or wet exhaust gas cleaning can be provided as required. This principle of operation is also applied to Rotary Cascade Coolers where the hot air is replaced by ambient or chilled air.