Cold Digester 220V 1 Ph

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The Sugarequip Cold Digester disintegrates cane and bagasse in water to produce a mixture consisting of a homogenous solution and the insoluble fibre fraction of the cane. The unit consists of a mild steel epoxy coated frame, complete with rubber matted base. A 1.5kW TEFC 220/380V motor drives a rigidly mounted stainless-steel shaft by means of one timing belt. The cutting mechanism consists of four cross-mounted spring steel blades. The detachable, internally ribbed stainless-steel bowl is fitted onto the machine by a wedge action clamp arrangement. As the bowl clamps into position, it activates a safety micro switch which unlocks the electrical control box and allows the unit to be started. The micro switch opens the circuit when the bowl is removed thereby preventing accidental starting of the machine. The machine is pre-set to run for 20 minutes after which it will switch off automatically.