Sugar dryer runner band manchining

Sugar Dryer Runner Band (Riding Ring) machining on-site in progress. The dryer was running & jumping almost eccentrically (+-15mm) - even crashing into the feed end supports, after the 1st pass of the feed end band, the dryer is much smoother (+-2mm). When the discharge band is done we expect the dryer to run as smooth as butter. Full setup of the dryer, and training to be undertaken to the fa…

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Welcome to the team Morne Bester

Sugarequip (Pty) Ltd welcomes Morne Bester to our team as our Technology Head! This guy is a beast of note! He has his PR. Eng, GCC (as well as much more), and has a wealth of experience in running and designing factories and expansions. He is currently leading the drive in the following: 1. Lactic Acid Pilot Plant construction 2. Installing a novel water lubricated hydrostatic (vs. hydrodyn…

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