Ethanol (Ethyl Alcohol)

Our ethanol is produced locally and sourced at the highest grade.

Ethyl Alcohol of purity 99.9% is perfect for sanitiser & anti bacterial base.

Fully denatured ethanol is the complete solution for those who require a pure alcohol product but do not have a licence to purchase.

This product is a high-quality base solution for premium product applications such as a sanitiser base.

Note: Dilution for sanitiser applications should be done at a minimum of  70 percent Ethanol, to be effective.

Batch sizes

We can transport ethanol in many different containers, depending on your requirement. Remember that if we deliver a tanker to you, that you will need your own teams and experience to offload the ethanol. Should you not have this capability, please let us know up-front so we can arrange the necessary teams to support your offload.


39 000 litres


1 000 litres


250 litres

Small Batch

< 210 litres