About Us


Sugarequip was founded in 1967, originally as Cual Engineering, designing manufacturing and supplying electrical and mechanical equipment in South Africa and into Africa. In 1983, Cual split into Cual to focus on the electrical industry, and Sugarequip which would focus on the Sugar industry. Today Sugarequip is one of the leading specialist suppliers of sugar processing equipment, spares and support services, having supplied equipment around the globe for more than half a century.


What do we do?

We are committed to providing full stack support to our Clients in both the local and international sugarcane industry in the following areas;

  • Development, design and manufacture of sugar processing plant and equipment
  • Development, design and manufacture of sugar mill laboratory and instrumentation equipment.
  • Supply of various strategic spares, screens and replacement parts.
  • Providing technical support and consulting on equipment performance as well as capital projects.

How do we find a better way?

We explore, we experiment, we look at things upside down and inside out, then we innovate.

Why are we in business?

We believe in finding a better way of doing things, whether it is how we interact with each other, how we manage our business, how we support our Clients or how we make and process sugar.


Cual Engineering was founded by Bill Bailey and Micheal Walsh


the company split into Cual & Sugarequip with Sugarequip focusing on the sugar industry


Sugarequip transitions into its third generation of leadership


Sugarequip endeavors to become the leading holistic support provider to the sugarcane industry